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Re: Standard license blurb for DDP documents?

Quoting Javier Fern�ez-Sanguino Pe�jfs@computer.org>:
> How about we unify in one, maybe two, licenses? I suggest we ask DDP authors
> to either use the GPL with a standard blurb, such as the one used
> by the Installation Manual (see below for a sample)

Good idea.

> Redistribution and use in source (SGML DocBook or Debiandoc) and

Officially, it's "DocBook SGML", and because SGML becomes
obsolete, I would prefer "DocBook XML or Debiandoc".

> 'compiled' forms (SGML, HTML, PDF, PostScript, RTF and so forth) with

I'ld remove SGML here, because it's confusing in this context.

No more comments about the license text - I prefer GPL :-)

Cheers, WB

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