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Reviving the Debian FAQ

The Debian FAQ [1] has been, unfortunately, unmaintained for quite some time 
and needs a little review.

I updated information in the FAQ in preparation for the sarge release when I
noticed that it was out of date and incomplete, I notified this in [0].
Osamu, please notice that this means that some content of the 
Debian Reference document (which copied & pasted some content from the FAQ)
should be reviewed too. For example, the following is found in the latest
version of the Reference:

" Currently, stable/ is a symbolic link to woody/, and testing/ is a
  symbolic link to sarge/. This means that Woody is the current stable
  distribution and Sarge is the current testing distribution. "

Which is wrong, as we all know already :-)

I've been fixing some other sections which were talking about obsolete stuff
and fixing some of its bugs but I would appreciate if other members of the
list could review the FAQ fully and point out either:

a- missing FAQ items, that is, things that people commonly ask about Debian 
   that are not there and we should write about

b- obsolete FAQ items, i.e., items in the FAQ that are no longe relevant and
   should be removed or rewritten.

c- incorrect FAQ items, i.e., items that should be rewritten or fixed because
   they contain innacurate statements.
I've fixed some of a), b) or c) with the help of Santiago Vila who is doing
the Spanish translation but more peer review is needed here.

Yes, I know there are far better documents out there in some aspects
(the installation manual, the Debian reference...). However, there are
several reasons why this document should be kept up to date: it's included in
the official Debian CDs (it's one of the few documentation items there), it's
included in all the official Debian mirrors (under /doc/), and many users
might go to it since it's listed as the first "User document" currently in
our web page.

Thanks for your help!



PS: I also plan to remove the 'byhand' used in the FAQ to publish it under
ftp.debian.org/doc/ and replace it with a better alternative that should
allow for translations to be published. Maybe we could extend this to other
documents too as we talked about in the past...

[0] Message-ID: <20050603004819.GA17340@dat.etsit.upm.es>
[1] http://www.debian.org/doc/user-manuals#faq
[2] http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/reference/ch-system.en.html

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