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Re: debian-doc subversion repository?

On Sat, Aug 20, 2005 at 10:49:23PM +0000, W. Borgert wrote:
> Hi,
> does a subversion repository for debian-doc exist?  If so,
> where?  If not, are there any plans to create one?  I would very
> much prefer to use subversion instead of CVS for the Debian
> reference card.  If the subversion repository does not exist,
> nor any plans exist to create one - would people mind, if I ask
> for creation on behalf of the DDP?  I would use it for the
> reference card, but of course, it could be used for other things
> as well.  Thanks for any positive reply :-)

There does not exist a SVN repo at the moment. But you could ask
for one in association with the Alioth DDP project (I don't believe
klecker has any SVN repos yet). The Alioth DDP project currently does
have a CVS repository although there is no SVN repository yet 
(at least not in use IIRC). The only issue (already discussed in the list)
related to Alitoh would be automatic building of that document and 
publishing of documents in the website. If a SVN repo is added we need 
to change stuff in order to have the servers that build the DDP CVS 
build from the SVN repo too. That requires intervention from the
debian-admin group...



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