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Re: Clarification of sarge release notes, section 5.2.3, "Sound configuration"

On Tuesday 07 June 2005 11:00, Thomas Hood wrote:
> For the 2.6 kernel series the ALSA sound drivers are recommended over
> the older OSS sound drivers.  ALSA sound drivers are furnished by
> default as modules.  In order for sound to work, the ALSA modules
> appropriate for your sound hardware need to be loaded.  In general this
> will happen automatically if you have, in addition to the alsa-base
> package, either the hotplug package or the discover package installed.
> The alsa-base package also "blacklists" OSS modules so that hotplug and
> discover won't load them.  If you have added the names of OSS modules
> to /etc/modules then you must remove those names now.

Thanks Thomas, that is indeed a bit more precise. I've mixed the old text 
and your proposal a bit to get a new para.


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