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upgrade release notes - some automation

Hi list,

I was reading through


and thought that many of the checks could be done with a shell script.
The information is all there on the page, but it requires the reader to
parse rather a lot of text and check a lot of things.

I've hacked out something (attached) that attempts to do the basics
and collate information that might be useful in a later upgrade report.
I hope this will give people a bit more confidence they are ready to

It appears to work on my woody+backports.org system.
I'm aware some people would be unhappy letting such script loose on
unsuspecting users, but note that it does not attempt to do the upgrade
step for them. I think it will be a net gain, esp. if it captures
information about their system in a parseable way.

OTOH I'm sure it has unforseen problems, please hack on it.


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