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Re: rewording to avoid sexist language on debian page (fwd)

Patrick Schoenfeld wrote:

Snoopy wrote:

Oh, my god... what kind of a problem! there are people killed in Iraq by Americans, women raped by the same and you don't have bigger problems than with using male/female addressing in a manual????

what does the one thing have to do with the other thing? You disqualified yourself, because you did not notice that this list
is 'debian-doc' it is their to discuss *how* debian documentation
is done - it is not debian-politics, iraq-against-american or anything
else like this, so it does not care at this list who dies anywhere
and sexism is an important thing to change in every part of the world
and in every second and if change begins at debian documentation then
it is ok.


You are poor, right.




.sexism is a question of point of view, nothing else.
.the installation of a debian-system will not become easier, though.

.maybe, that I don't have much money - so I am poor, I admit that one.

.B.t.w., this is a public list and sowith open to everybody who wants to .share his opinion with others.

More important:
Instead of discussing about each sentence of a manual, which should finally be published in this century, it would be more efficient to add a remark in the foreword like:

'to keep texts as simple as possible please note, that even if male gender has been chosen, it is selfexplanatory, that all human beings of whatever gender are addressed'



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