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Re: What should we do with out of date documentation currently packaged?


On Sun, Jul 04, 2004 at 06:42:32PM +0200, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:
> Currently there is a number of out of date documents being distributed in 
> the sid/sarge distribution which might not make sense to distribute 
> anymore:
> - debian-guide, which currently has a RC: #229425 and #255602. Also see  
> #212198, and its translations such as:
> 	- debian-guide-es, which currently has a similar bug, although not RC: 
> 	#253659
> 	- debian-guide-zh, with a RC: #221331 
> The contents from the Debian guide have not been updated since potato
> (1999) and some of them have been integrated into the debian-reference. 
> Should we just ask for the removal of all of this packages? Does it make
> sense to keep them around?
> I believe that the doc-debian package (and assorted translations) is
> suffering from similar outdateness although much of its content is still
> valid. 

In this package, you will find:
   * Debian Linux Manifesto,
   * Constitution for the Debian Project,
   * Debian GNU/Linux Social Contract,
   * Debian Free Software Guidelines.
 Additionally provided are:
   * Debian GNU/Linux Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ),
   * Debian Bug Tracking System documentation, and
   * Introduction to the Debian mailing lists.

I guess that the Social Contract need to be updated. I have not yet take
a look at the FAQ, but it should be out of date...

I will send a patch for the BTS doc tonight. It will mostly include new

> Maybe it needs a new maintainer that is capable of integrating all
> the FAQ content into the DDP CVS. 

Where can I find the FAQ content ?

> Currently only the English, Russian,
> Italian, Portuguese and Polish versions are there but the Spanish, Japanese
> and Korean are not. Moreover, there are no packages being generated with
> the translations available in the CVS. 

Note that for French translation we have a doc-debian-fr.

> Also, notice that some of the
> documents are extracted from the website (and are translated there) but
> those translations are not made available in the package.

Maybe we should start using alioth in order to manage this package. Do
you agree ?

> Josip is probably
> unable to keep up with this package, maybe a co-maintainer would be helpful
> here? Any volunteers?

I would like to help. But note that I can't make any promise about my
presence in the next week.

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