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What should we do with out of date documentation currently packaged?

Currently there is a number of out of date documents being distributed in 
the sid/sarge distribution which might not make sense to distribute 

- debian-guide, which currently has a RC: #229425 and #255602. Also see  
#212198, and its translations such as:
	- debian-guide-es, which currently has a similar bug, although not RC: 
	- debian-guide-zh, with a RC: #221331 

The contents from the Debian guide have not been updated since potato
(1999) and some of them have been integrated into the debian-reference. 
Should we just ask for the removal of all of this packages? Does it make
sense to keep them around?

I believe that the doc-debian package (and assorted translations) is
suffering from similar outdateness although much of its content is still
valid. Maybe it needs a new maintainer that is capable of integrating all
the FAQ content into the DDP CVS. Currently only the English, Russian,
Italian, Portuguese and Polish versions are there but the Spanish, Japanese
and Korean are not. Moreover, there are no packages being generated with
the translations available in the CVS. Also, notice that some of the
documents are extracted from the website (and are translated there) but
those translations are not made available in the package. Josip is probably
unable to keep up with this package, maybe a co-maintainer would be helpful
here? Any volunteers?



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