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Re: Remove release notes from DDP


On Sun, May 30, 2004 at 09:21:25AM -0300, Matt Kraai wrote:
> Howdy,
> It appears that the woody release notes were included in both the
> boot-floppies and DDP CVS repositories.  The online version based
> on the DDP CVS repository has the S/390 version in place of the
> i386 version (bug 231852), which does not occur for the version
> based on the boot-floppies CVS repository.
> Would someone please remove the release notes from the DDP CVS
> repository?

To my mind we should do the inverse. IIRC (cvs currently down) the
boof-floppies repository has not been restored since the compomission.
Moreover, do not forget that in a future (that I expect near), we will
moved the ddp to alioth.

What we have to do, check which of the two is up to date, and the move
the boot-floppies file to ddp. Boot-floppies provided a tool to check
whether translations were up to date or not. IRRC that it was the case 
of the ddp repository. (Can't check since gluck is down).

Finaly, it's possible that a new revision of woody will be published, if
the release notes belongs to the boot-floppies repository, they could
not be update.

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