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Moving to an apt-howto 2.0 for sarge

Hello people!

As I have described earlier[0] I've mostly rewritten apt-howto.
aptitude took apt-get's place everywhere it could do that. Now
I believe only one big missing part is still to be added before
2.0: the "Being at the other side: creating a repository" section,
which will talk about apt-ftparchive, apt-move and mini-dinstall
and also about topics like signed Release files, etc. That remains
to be researched more deeply by me and written. Maybe in the
next week.

Also, one thing I would like to see happen is the source packages
section be reviewed to talk about apt-src where possible.

A section about alternative UIs and package managers shall be
written, too.

I'm sending this email because I think, even with all these todo
items pending, the core of the document is already rebuilt
and I would like to:

1) see comments from everyone
2) put it online asap, can I already use cvs.d.o? will it want to publish
it on the web pages? what do the people in the list who discussed this
came to conclude?
3) have translations start asap so they all get into sarge... that's why
I wrote apt-howto in en_US first this time instead of writing it in pt_BR and
translating it later on: translations are priority, that's why I'm CC'ing all
of the previous translators (I hope I didn't forget anyone) for I don't know
who among them are subscribed to the list, so, sorry for duplicates.

So, check http://beterraba.no-ip.org/apt-howto out and send me
comments right away! Let's move this on and do our part on releasing
sarge asap! =)

[0]: http://lists.debian.org/debian-doc/2003/debian-doc-200312/msg00024.html

PS: I have patches here sent by Isaac Jones talking about apt 0.6 and 
signatures, etc, but I think I'll prefer to have those in a 'experimental' 
branch of apt-howto, as most modifications to the guide will not make 
sense to sarge.

kov@debian.org: Gustavo Noronha <http://people.debian.org/~kov>
Debian:  <http://www.debian.org>  *  <http://www.debian-br.org>
  "Não deixe para amanhã, o WML que você pode traduzir hoje!"

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