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Re: Plan for DDP

On Mon, Feb 16, 2004 at 10:42:13PM +0100, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> > > > Mmm, probably we should consider the same sort of maintainance we have
> > > > for point releases in stable (and so branching cvs whenever needed). 
> > > [...]
> There were documentation point release issues which were totally
> different subject from the web page update frequency issue.  Current
> point release policy does not allow update of documentation *.deb
> package in the stable distribution.  This is because these updates are
> not "security" issue nor severe "usability" issue.  It was considered to
> be just minor updates to fix glitches by the RM.
> Javi, and I too, had great doubts on this pedantic rule about "stable
> point release" since it has no real benefit while enforcing to release
> known bad documents just to satisfy the letter of the release policy.
> So the best stable user can do is to use extensive use of APT system to
> get packages from unstable or use web to get documents from the normal
> web page section.

I agree. Not allowing correction of documents is IMHO a bad practice.
I find also Joey's latest updates a bit too conservative in some way. 
Another area of interest for that is kernel images, but that's OT here.

> By the way, Francesco, we may want to raise documentation update issues
> during stable point release, once the dust settles over DDP.
> Osamu

Oh sure, those were just my general considerations, not related 
to DDP (re)startup.

Francesco P. Lovergine

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