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Re: Plan for DDP

On Fri, Feb 13, 2004 at 10:14:02PM +0100, Francesco Paolo Lovergine wrote:
> Sincerely, I do not understand at all the need to have an weekly
> html edition of the development cvs, but probably it's my failure.

1.- Some of the documents are _only_ published in htlm form.
2.- Users running stable cannot retrieve the latest version of the 
documents installing new packages. Also, packages with documents might not 
contain translations in some languages.
3.- The website is the only place were all documentation is published, it's 
not available in the FTP mirrors, even.

And it's not necessarily the _development_ CVS, stable documents which are 
updated from time to time (once a month? typo fixes? new translations?) are 
also published using the same mechanism.

That's why I value the CVS to html transition so much. For some users, it's 
the only contact they really have with some of the documentation 
that Debian produces.



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