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Alternative plan for DDP


Let me propose following alternative plan.

cvs.debian.org: debian-doc/ddp/
 This will contain Makefiles and scripts used to create web pages.
 No SGML/XML will be there.
 DD only has access.

alioth.debian.org ddp/ddp/
 This will have full source including  Makefiles and scripts.
 Minor reorganization of directory names.(*)

joy's (I think) cron script to check out CVS 
 Step 1: checkout from alioth.debian.org (source1)
 Step 2: export from cvs.debian.org      (source2)
 Step 3: copy source2 over source1 with cp -af
 Build like he does now using Makefile in parent directory.

 Having full source in alioth.debian.org enable anyone to build source
 with minimum efforts.  Also good contributor and DD can use CVS as
 sandbag to polish build script cooperatively.

 Someone has to copy updated script once in a while between trees.
   (I use diff & mc for that.  So not much typing.)
 CVS checkout script needs adjustment.
   (This is given needs anyway for security.)

Way to ask admin: 
 I think we need to make completed tar ball ready to be untared.

Directory name:

 I think this is a good time to change directory name to match with the 
 web page name and s/manuals.sgml/manuals/.

 I mean directory name matches with name listed in javi's list.
  (Javi's list is duplicated in ddp.alioth.debian.org page)
 Remove totally useless directories.

 What to do marginal web pages which was not listed in javi's list.


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