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DDP restoration plan proposal (medium-term move to Alioth)

Ok, here's my proposal on how should DDP be restored:

1.- Since more than one review has been done of the HEAD branch, restore 
the CVS service for the DDP at gluck (without pserver access). 

2.- Send a notice asking for DDP authors/translators to
	a) review the current HEAD branch themselves
	b) commit any changes done to documents that might still be at 
	local copies
	c) tell them that the DDP cvs server will be moved in the short 
	term to Alioth.
   This notice should not be sent to -doc, but probably to -i18n and to 

[This advance notice means that the manuals.sgml/ directory at the DDP 
project in Alioth, should _not_ be used until the move is complete]

3.- Work out together with the Debian admins how should klecker update the 
DDP pages once the project has moved to Alioth [1]

4.- (once 3 is cleared up and after a reasonable time, a month?) Move all
the data from gluck to Alioth and disable the data in the CVS there. So 
that Alioth holds the canonical copy. Again, notify people at -i18n and 
-devel-announce of the move.

There are several reasons why I think the move is best done this way. Such 

- there are a number of document authors/translators which _don't_ follow 
this list. Notice that out of the 54 people that have edited a document in 
the past, I believe only 10-20 or so read this list.

- the Debian admins for must have a say on how the DDP pages should be
updated periodically. Since this is the first CVS I know of that will
operate from Alioth and update the web pages. I have my concerns about
this, and the admins might or might not have them too.

- reenabling the DDP CVS temporarily at gluck while this issue is resolved 
makes it possible for document authors/translators to update the documents 
published at the website while we sort the movement out.

Is this a plan we can all agree with? 



[1] This might mean keeping scripts that run periodically through cron
(Makefiles under manuals.sgml + utils/) at a CVS in gluck. Debian-doc
members should be responsible for merging the changes done with those files
at Alioth (if any)

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