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Re: d-i manual: xml status report

Miroslav Kure wrote:
>    I did some proof of concept build system, which I use to verify
>    my work on document xml structure. You can download it from
>    http://www.debian.cz/~kurem/build.tar.gz.
>    It consists of updated *.ent files according to point 2., file
>    build.sh, which calls script buildone.sh for each language and
>    architecture to build. (Here can go some management code like
>    moving just-built doc to some safer location...). Buildone.sh
>    sets up profiling and calls the right tools (change various
>    variables inside to suit your needs). There are also three
>    style-*.xsl files, which can be used to customize output. Just
>    grab current debian-installer/doc/manual/en, drop it into the
>    unpacked directory and run e.g. ./buildone.sh powerpc en.
>    Used toolchain consists of xsltproc (.html and .fo) and fop
>    (.pdf).
>    I'm not a DD, so I'd like to hear your oppinion about this. I do
>    understand we will need some DD to write nice build system,
>    which will be flexible and much more dynamic, so don't bash my
>    coding style, but the overal idea.

I dunno, at the moment, you're the only volenteer, and you have
something that seems to work. Maybe there will be something better
later, but I would not mind having it in cvs alongside the manual so we
can build it and make sure our corrections are valid xml.

see shy jo

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