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Looking for Guidance


	I am seeking guidance on where to start and how not cause any trouble because I am new to this. But here's what I have in mind. 1) I am using Libranet on a laptop and soon a few desktops. I am really pleased with it. I know its Debian based which makes it that much more exciting. 2) I also use Debian Woody as my server OS and I am really confident in its stability and just plain rock solid reliability.

So that said I have been wanting to do something for Debian. I am not much of a coder but some day I will really focus on it. I say that cause I have taken programming courses before and did well. I just never could afford the things I really wanted. Any ways OFT.

I am wondering what tools I need to begin with and what it is that needs to be done. The other night I think I was able to download from CVS what I think was the DDP stuff. But I don't know what to do now or what tools to use.

Thanks for your input and hopefully I will be able to help out.


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