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Re: No Print Function

On Tue, Nov 18, 2003 at 09:05:22AM -0800, usafmsgt@outb.com wrote:
> One: How do I get Debain to print? I have tried the wizard without
> success. I did download Synaptic and then downloaded Printop. Now I cannot
> find this program and it is supposed to be graphical. I have a HP832C
> inkjet printer. 
Try to install cupsys. You can do it in Synaptic.
Hope it helps.

> Also, I have a disk for this printer. Can I use that to
> configure the printer?
I don't think so. These are probably windows drivers. 
> Two: How do I save my work to a floppy or zip disk? I have been running
> Redhat 8.0 and could not get it to save to a disk. Do I use command lines?
> Where do I find the save commands? I would like to know this because I am
> putting together a web page and would like to keep it on disk rather than
> the hard disk.
Do you use KDE or Gnome?
There are some helpful applets for it.
In unix-like systems you have to mount your drive first. There are at
least two ways of doing it. First is mentioned applet, and second is
simply typing `mount /floppy` in command line.
Then you can copy whatever you want to that floppy, and don't forget to
type `umount /floppy` because every drive has to be unmounted after use.

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