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Re: About Bug#195720 - apt-howto

Em Sat, 28 Jun 2003 11:41:26 +0200, Ingo Saitz <ingo@debian.org>(by way of André Filipe de Assunção e Brito (decko) <decko@noisemakers.org>) escreveu:

> moin

Hallo =)

> The author of the pt_BR original is also the maintainer of the package,
> so he is informed about this bug (I hope). But he didn't reply in almost
> a month. So what else to do?

Yes, that's a problem =(... I was also not subscribed to debian-doc
for some time =(

> Should I simply submit the patch to the CVS, too, post a patch to this
> list (or which other list) or try to reach each translator seperately?

I would say: send me the patch. I was moving to a new home and had no
internet for months... I am just now being able to catch up on my
Debian life, and intend to spend some hours on documentation (specially
apt-howto) this week, as I am going into vacation time =).

> I can prepare the patch in all languages since it is only a mistyped
> config item.

That would be very nice! I hope you can forgive me for this flaw,
and bear with me as I get up-to-date again =).

> echo "I love Windows" | tr Windsaw Linux\\b

Nice one =).


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