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About Bug#195720 - apt-howto


In preparing an NMU for bug 195270 I did look for the most recent
version of the files. I found a new version of some howtos in
cvs.debian.org:/cvs/debian-doc/ddp/manuals.sgml/apt-howto which still
contain the same error. I figured that at least someone here must feel
responsible for that repository?

The author of the pt_BR original is also the maintainer of the package,
so he is informed about this bug (I hope). But he didn't reply in almost
a month. So what else to do?

Should I simply submit the patch to the CVS, too, post a patch to this
list (or which other list) or try to reach each translator seperately?

I can prepare the patch in all languages since it is only a mistyped
config item.

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