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Re: debiandoc-sgml problems (SHORTTAG YES) (LaTeX macros)

On Sunday, 1. June 2003 03:45, you wrote:
> > > > I updated from Woody to Sid and now I'm unable to create Debian
> > > > reference (http://qref.sf.net):
> But I'm (of course) also running sid and have no problems.

> Ok, so the only difference is that it works but not for you.  Were
> there any error message or alike when you upgraded?  Can you process
> other docs without problems?

I installed Sid using a loop-back mounted DVD image file, which was 
truncated to 2GB (Woody wget limitation). So there were many missing 
files which I fetched from a public debian mirror.

I purged many of my sgml and debiandoc packages and reinstalled them.
Now I can compile qref without problems.

> > > > How can I easily specify a LaTeX macro file which should be
> > > > included in *.tex?
> > >
> > > > This is *very* useful to specify hyphenation rules
> > > > ("\hyphenation{ei-gen-val-ue prop-er-ty}") and to modify the ps,
> > > > pdf output. At the moment it's possible that LaTeX breaks a line
> > > > "text [snip]. See dir/." as follows:
> > > >
> > > > "text [snip]. See dir"
> > > > "/."
> > > >
> > > Well, that's actually a feature.  Suppose you have a very long
> > > path. LaTeX has been educated to use the '/' character as a line
> > > break possibility.
> >
> > Yes but it's also possible to split the line after /.
> Not in the 'standard" LaTeX config.  So, LaTeX will need some help
> here...

I know. I will write a few macros for Debian Reference. They will 
(hopefully) fix linebreaks in front of /.
Are there any other ideas to improve the latex output using macros?

> > Please add \InputIfFileExists to the output. If you choose a special
> > filename such as debiandoc-sgml_macro.sty nobody will notice this
> > change except me! Please do so!
> No, there will be no generic macro file.  This will have to be document
> specific (and very likely even locale specific).

> Well, given the document and locale specificness, the only way is
> through a command line option.

It's also possible to copy or link document and language specific files 
to the file included in *.tex. Nevertheless I agree that a commandline 
option reduce the need to copy or link in makefiles, etc.
(But the implementation in debiandoc2latex* is a little bit more 
complicated :-))


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