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Looking for DocBook/XML on Debian guide

Somewhat off-topic but I suppose the know-how is in this list.

Does there exist documentation on how to use DocBook/XML on Debian?

I know how to write a DocBook file.  I used to have it working for
DocBook/SGML 2 years ago, but my makefiles don't work anymore.
I can't get docs properly processed now.  I want them printed, in RTF or
PDF, using whatever stylesheets that work out of the box with Debian.
- what tools do I have to use, in what order?
- what envars should I set and what should they point to?
- what are the stylesheets and how do I get the tools find them?

	Tom "thriving on chaos" Peters
		NL-1062 KD nr 149	tel.    +31-204080204
 			Amsterdam	e-mail  tpeters@xs4all.nl

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