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Re: "About Debian" documentation, useful to us?

On Thu, Dec 19, 2002 at 05:07:39PM +0100, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:
> I see that the AboutDebian site (http://www.aboutdebian.com/) provides
> interesting documentation which could be used for many of our (obsolete?)
> manuals.

Well, system administration guide etc. are "empty" manuals.  But
maintainer is active in Debian mailing list.

I would say these documents in aboutdebian are decent and decent updates
are also done.  Network section may be useful.  

> However, its copyright states:
> Copyright © 2002 Keith Parkansky All rights reserved Duplication of any
> portion of this site or the material contained herein without the express
> written consent of Keith Parkansky is strictly prohibited.

To me he is soliciting consulting job??? Or future publication???

I do not know what is his business plan on these sites.  If he opens
his document as Free Documentation, it is useful.

We already have 

1) Install guide (Always new :)     Must read for install
2) Users guide (Progeny)            Will be included into install guide
3) debian-faq (Updated recently)    Always needed
3) Hands-on guide (GPL, planed)     Good newbie guide
4) apt-howto                        This is important topic
5) debian-reference                 Me :)
6) securing... (harden-doc)         You :)
.... 13 user documentations

Unless he is willing to become DD to add his document as free documents,
best thing to do is read his document as a reference and improve
existing free documents, IMHO.

> Could someone actively working in the manuals review the contents and see
> wether or not it would be useful for us and, if so, contact the author to
> suggest him in providing a free license for the site's content?

Hey, you started this.  Please do so.  He may be open to your suggestion.
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