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Documentation licenses in ddp-policy

Javi has added quite a bit of contents to ddp-policy.  Gracias.

Some thought on following section.

2.2 License

   The chosen license is usually GNU's GPL. [2] More often than not,
   documentation is directly dependant to software used by Debian and thus
   has to be modified under the same conditions. This applies to technical
   documentation that is related to software but might not apply to other
   kind of documents.


Why there is no mention of BSD(new) or Public domain in this section?

Can we say few more words pushing GPL for Debian documentation?

Something like:

  GPL or new BSD licenses are the most preferred documentation licenses
  for  DDP documents.

GFDL and others are OK (at least for me).  But GPL (or if someone care
BSD) are better option for less argument.

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