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Free documentation database.

Dear friends,
I am pleased to inform you that GFDD (GNUtemberg! Free Documentation
Database) has  reached  a  rather stable  version.  GFDD is already 
on-line (http://www.gfdd.org)  and some documents have already been 

GFDD is a free project for free documentation.
We are looking for new developers (we love PHP and PostgreSQL...)
to add new features to the database and new document maintainers
(the ones who submit and maintain updated data).

Also we need feedback to make powerful our db.
Here is GFDD user's manual:

Join us! :)    db@gnutemberg.org

GFDD features:

* free documentation indexing.
  Fields describing documents are: 
  (title, license, description, version/edition, creation year, 
  language, author, contributor, maintainer, keywords, main 
  category, secondary category, source format, source URI, quick 
  download URI, type)

* translations management for every document.
  Fields describing translations are: (translated title, translator,
  translated version/edition, language, translation URI, quick
  download URI)

* officially published documents management
  (free documentation you can find in bookstores).
  Fields describing published editions are: (publisher, published
  title, version/edition, published in year, language, ISBN, pages,

* document ratings 
  (you can vote documents)

* statistical analysis 

* powerful search

* `my GFDD documents` 
  (Every user maintains documents submitted)

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