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Re: more comments on DDP policy

On Mon, Dec 09, 2002 at 01:10:18AM -0800, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> >    3.7.3 TEX
> > 
> > Is this section even necesary?  Are there really manuals that can't
> > use default pool sizes?  If there are, wouldn't that be a TeX bug?
> Some of documents including mine usually run over limit of current TEX
> in stable and testing.  I heard new version in unstable will fix it but
> testing script is frozen now.  (I bet Javi's document is getting too
> big.  Something like 100 page is limit usually.)

I just tried to compile it. Ouch. See this:

$ make securing-debian-howto.en.pdf
debiandoc2latexpdf -l en -c securing-debian-howto.sgml
debiandoc2latexpdf: ERROR: securing-debian-howto.pdf could not be generated properly
debiandoc2latexpdf: rerun with the -v option to found out why
debiandoc2latexpdf: or check the log file securing-debian-howto.log
make: *** [securing-debian-howto.en.pdf] Error 1
$ tail securing-debian-howto.log
Error: pdflatex: buffer overflow
$ wc securing-debian-howto.sgml
  10176   57363  409543 securing-debian-howto.sgml

$ make securing-debian-howto.es.pdf
debiandoc2latexpdf -l es securing-debian-howto.es.sgml
$ wc securing-debian-howto.es.sgml   
 697    7718   51009 securing-debian-howto.es.sgml

Which is a previous version (the translation is not uptodate yet)
So it seems we have a problem with PDF generation through LaTeX with long documents
(who is the responsible? debiandoc-sgml? LaTeX?)

> > Also, that's not how TeX is spelled.
> My appologies.

I've fixed it (as well as LaTeX)

> > Suggest the be a note that doc-base entries are recommended, if not
> > required...
> OK.  Please write and commit your idea to CVS.

I'll add a TODO item for the moment (until I get around to write it).



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