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new stuff on DDP web pages


For those who may not track debian-www-cvs religiously :) I thought I should
mention that there are now more links on the DDP manuals' web pages to
various languages and formats. Helped by Denis Barbier, I've introduced what
I believe is a decent way to link that stuff with simpler macro directives
instead of manually listing all the boring <a> tags.

Some translations may not be linked yet, bug reports welcome on that front.

Also, I've made the old Debian Tutorial build -- there's a lot of stuff in
there, and it's potentially very useful. That's just another one to the pile
of free user manuals for Debian... we should have consolidated efforts
before :) The two translations here didn't build and I didn't have time to
waste on that -- if anyone cares, feel free to fix them.

The SGML/XML HOWTO is also built, the potato version (which should apply for
woody as well, I suppose).

The build logs have changed their location since the last www-master
relocation, too.

In general I think the documentation web pages are much more acceptable than
they were in the past, but they could still use proofreading etc.

And of course, the links:


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