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Re: debiandoc vs. docbook

 Osamu Aoki <debian@aokiconsulting.com> écrivait :
  « Have you seen Ardo's debiandocsgml-doc package?
  « It is a nice and small debiandoc SGML tutorial/spec with many example
  « use of tags.  Its source was my best practice guide and tutorial.
  « Can someone convert this into XML with proper build script and
  « dependencies? (Please include "script" output of what manually done.)

I have edited debiandoc-sgml.en.sgml in that manner :
I have changed the first two lines :
<!doctype debiandoc public "-//DebianDoc//DTD DebianDoc//EN" 
in one line:
<!doctype debiandoc public "-//DebianDoc//DTD DebianDoc//EN" [

this is required by a regexp of the script. (It is faster for me to
to change that line than to write a new regexp!)

And i have put the words entity and system in uppercase. 

I have also modified the lines :
in one line:

I have put the file " debiandoc.dtd" in the directory that contains 

Now : debiandoc2docbookxml -b -s path/debiandoc-sgml.en.sgml

ouputs debiandoc-sgml.en.xml.

option -b for the element book of docbookx.dtd
option -s because there is a subset of the dtd in the file.

Emacs + psgml said :

nsgmls -s /usr/share/sgml/declaration/xml.decl debiandoc-sgml.en.xml

Compilation finished at Mon Sep 23 10:22:33

But the xml file contains all the files ! this problem must be fixed.


philippe batailler
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