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Re: debiandoc vs. docbook

On Sat, Sep 21, 2002 at 11:35:25PM -0400, Susan Kleinmann wrote:
> The need for a best practices guide with regard to docbook is the most
> challenging part of a transition to docbook, IMHO.  While debiandoc has the 
> disadvantage that it doesn't provide much freedom of expression, docbook 
> arguably provides too much 

I agree 100%.

Have you seen Ardo's debiandocsgml-doc package?

It is a nice and small debiandoc SGML tutorial/spec with many example
use of tags.  Its source was my best practice guide and tutorial.

Can someone convert this into XML with proper build script and
dependencies? (Please include "script" output of what manually done.)

All other nice and BIG XML guides (Gnome ...) can be used as secondary
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