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Re: debiandoc vs. docbook

On Sun, 22 Sep 2002 08:48:27 PDT, Osamu Aoki <debian@aokiconsulting.com>  said: 
> How should I translate SGML tags:
>  <list>
>  <list compact>
> and similars?

debiandoc           docbook-xml equivalent
<list>              <itemizedlist>
<list compact>      <simplelist type="inline">
<enumlist>          <orderedlist>
<taglist>           <variablelist>
<tag>               <varlistentry>
<item>              <term>...</term>, followed by <listitem>...</listitem>

Brace up for a great deal of verbosity with variablelists:

<taglist>                       <variablelist>

<tag>Hyacinth</tag>             <term>Hyacinth</term>
<item>The Mrs. Bucket</item>    <listitem><simpara>The Mrs. Bucket</simpara>

<tag>Rose</tag>                 <term>Rose</term>
<item>Hyacinths' racy           <listitem><simpara>Hyacinth's racy sister
sister</item>                   </simpara></listitem>

<tag>Daisy</tag>                <term>Daisy</term>
<item>Wife of Onslow</item>     <listitem><simpara>Wife of Onslow</simpara>
</taglist>                      </variablelist>

Clearly, an XML editor of emacs+psgml is desirable to make docbook 
variablelists less painful.

Let me know if this did not answer your question.


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