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Re: debiandoc vs. docbook

Previously John R. Daily wrote:
> * Jade/jadetex work as well with DocBook/XML as they do with
>   SGML, if dvi is an acceptable intermediate form to generate
>   PDF.
> * PassiveTeX was recently packaged, and within certain
>   constraints[1], works pretty well.  Today is the first time
>   I've had success; the author, Sebastian Rahtz, helped me
>   overcome my problems.

So far all my experiences with using TeX as intermediate format have
been pretty formal. The result of pdf generated from html by htmldoc
tends to be much better. htmldoc is also a lot faster than TeX.

> * FOP is also packaged, but I wouldn't advocate using its output.

What is wrong with it?

> 1. Things which may cause PassiveTeX to fail entirely:
> * DocBook tables.
> * Nested tags in titles.

dpkg documentation makes extensive use of tables.


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