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Re: Migration to /usr/share/doc

On Mon, 2002-08-26 at 23:11, Giorgio Mandolfo wrote:
> I am trying not to use exclusively the simbolic link to /usr/share/doc/ 
> but to look directly to the new folder. Well, I there is a (very) 
> simple and boring fact: the <tab> completion locks because there is 
> /usr/share/doc-base/ too.
> I searched for some explanations about it in the Debian Policy, even if 
> its name is self-explanatory. I did not find anything.
> Couri
> So my questions/proposals are:
> - Why this directory exists? And what is it about?

It contains control files for the doc-base package.  See

> - Is it possible to move their contents to /usr/share/doc/ allowing a 
> faster search through the filesystem?

No.  The files in /usr/share/doc-base/ are not documentation and do not
belong in /usr/share/doc/

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