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Re: Dial up ppp howto

On Fri, Aug 23, 2002 at 10:47:10PM -0400, Mark Price wrote:
> Two of us at work have recently figured out how to build
> a dial-in server on top of Debian 3.0, which also seems
> to work on the current Sid release.

Current sid is not too different from woody/stable. 

> Having searched the web fairly thorougly, I have found no
> documentation addressing this specific platform, and in fact
> have found nothing later than a HOWTO for Red Hat 5.2.
> Am I correct in my find that there is no recent documentation?

Nothing in DDP (Debian Documentation Project) for PPP server.

> How and where and in what form might be the best for writing
> and or submitting a HOWTO manual or some other such thing?

If you want to create document for DDP, Debiandoc-sgml is best at this
moment.  DOCBOOK is OK, but inclusion to DDP web page is difficult.  XML
is nice if infrastructure support in Debian matures.

If it is non-Debian specific HOWTO, do it in DOCBOOK and submit it to

If it is Debian specific, join us for DDP. Check out:


Also apt-get install debiandoc-sgml debiandoc-sgml-doc

This is right forum for DDP :)

Good luck.
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