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Dial up ppp howto

Two of us at work have recently figured out how to build
a dial-in server on top of Debian 3.0, which also seems
to work on the current Sid release.

Having searched the web fairly thorougly, I have found no
documentation addressing this specific platform, and in fact
have found nothing later than a HOWTO for Red Hat 5.2.
Am I correct in my find that there is no recent documentation?

How and where and in what form might be the best for writing
and or submitting a HOWTO manual or some other such thing?

Mark Price
SysAdmin and Operations Manager, The JIMINI Project,
Applied Global Systems Lab, University of North Florida
Phone (Office): 904-620-3880 (Mobile): 904-626-8172
mailto: prim0001@unf.edu

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