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Hot news article for your news column - Miniature Digital Voice Recorder

Dear Web News Editor, 

We would like to offer a “hot news” article for your web news column.

This article is available at http://telesys-market.com/ema1.htm together with a picture of the recorder.

Terms of publication - free of charge for you and for us.

This short article will increase popularity of your web site and will attract attention to our product.

If there is any interest in co-operation, you are most welcome.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Thank you in advance.

Here is the article without a picture of the recorder:


	The smallest, the most capacious and most long lasted digital voice recorder over the world

Telesystems company designed the smallest digital voice recorder Edic-mini with dimensions 17x57x10 mm and weight 8 gr. only. It makes Edic-mini the smallest digital voice recorder over the world and most appropriate for recording in both usual and covert applications. Due to such small dimensions, Edic-mini is absolutely imperceptible in arm, shirt or trousers pocket.

In spite of this, Edic-mini is able to record at 5 different quality levels up to 150 hours, or more than 6 days. Voice Activation System allow to efficiently use the recorder memory and significantly increase the real record time.

At the same time, due to of application of most recent energy saving technologies, Edic-mini  is able to operate from 1 battery up to 80 hours in record mode and up to 2 years in stand-by mode.

These both features allow user not to bother about the certain time of conversation start and finish.

In differ from many DVRs, Edic-mini uses ADPCM compression method, which allows perfect compressing of any sounds without specific distortions.

Lots of different functions make Edic-mini most useful and convenient for many various applications.

Enabled circular record mode allows user to be sure, that all last information is stored into Edic-mini memory.

Built-in record time clock helps user to remember the certain moment when a message recorded.

Any recorded messages can be downloaded into PC in standard “wav” format. A downloaded file can be played back and edited with standard software, can be sent by e-mail, placed on a web site, multiplied and everything what can be done with usual “wav” file.

But recording is not the only purpose of Edic-mini. It’s also able to use its’ Flash memory for storage of any digital data in volume up to 1 Gb and for 10 years without batteries. It’s in 1.5 times more than on a CD.

Original software allow to easy and completely reprogram all parameters of Edic-mini for any specific purposes or requirements. Say, a user can change parameters of Voice Activation System, change digital diskette size, size of Linier and Circular buffer, set a password, completely reprogram user interface.

For more detailed information please visit http://www.telesys-market.com/ or e-mail to telesys@telesys-market.com 


Best regards,
Maxim Ushakov
TS-Market Ltd.
P.O. Box 232, Zelenograd, Moscow 103575, Russia
tel: +7(095)5301001(5 lines), 5310063 fax: 53504491

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