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[Fwd: Debian Sysadmin Manual -- typo...]

Forwarded to the doc list, since I'm not currently involved in the DDP.

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From: Pascal Jermini <Pascal@infinity.hn.org>
To: olly@lfix.co.uk
Subject: Debian Sysadmin Manual -- typo...
Date: 07 Aug 2002 14:51:27 +0200


I just spotted a typo in the system administrator's manual published at this address:

chapter 12.1 (Why Backup?), after the first bullet list, the paragraph beginning with
"Backups help in all the above situations ..."

The end of the paragraph says "its just not working anymore.". This should be
"it's just not working anymore.".

Ok, I know, this is nitpicking ;) ...


Pascal Jermini

Pascal Jermini <pascal@infinity.hn.org>

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