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Re: Migration tutorial

On Mon, Jul 29, 2002 at 02:59:28AM +0900, Tatsuya Kinoshita wrote:
> On July 28, 2002 at 2:40AM -0700,
> Osamu Aoki <debian@aokiconsulting.com> wrote:
> > and "postfix" is
> >  1) default MTA in recent REDHAT
> >  2) GPL
> >  3) easy configuration
> >  4) security ultra conscious small programs (qmail like)
> >  5) normal file locations,
> Postfix is a free software but it is not covered by the GNU GPL.
> (The license, IBM PUBLIC LICENSE VERSION 1.0, is incompatible
> with the GNU GPL.)

Thanks for correction.

I should have said "DSFG compliant as binary package".

 $ apt-cache show qmail-src
Description: Source only package for building qmail binary package
 qmail is a secure Secure, reliable, efficient, simple mail transport system.
 Dan Bernstein (qmail's author) only gives permission for qmail to be
 distributed in source form, or binary for by approval.  This package
 has been put together to allow people to easily build a qmail binary
 package for themselves, from source.
 To build a binary deb package, first install the qmail-src package, then
 type the command "build-qmail".  If you try "apt-get source --build qmail-src"
 it will most likely fail because the users do not exist.  You MUST install
 the qmail-src package first.  Also be sure to build and install ucspi-tcp
 before installing the binary qmail package.  Install the ucspi-tcp-src package
 to get ucspi-tcp.
 This package builds a binary .deb that is FHS compliant and conforms to the
 Debian standards guidelines.  The resulting binary packages are not suitable
 for re-distribution.
 There are pre-compiled binary packages for qmail available, but they do not
 conform to the Debian standards, and are not available in the official archive.

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