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Re: Migration tutorial


On Sat, Jul 27, 2002 at 10:12:18PM -0500, Diego Guerrero wrote:
> I want to make a tutorial explaining the migration from windows nt + 
> exchange + checkpoint firewall to debian + qmail + iptables/netfilter + 
> ldap + squid + webmin, what do you think about the work?

It sounds interesting.

Considering "exim" is 
 1) default MTA in Debian
 2) GPL
 3) easy configuration
 4) one big daemon (sendmail/smail like)
 5) normal file locations
and "postfix" is
 1) default MTA in recent REDHAT
 2) GPL
 3) easy configuration
 4) security ultra conscious small programs (qmail like)
 5) normal file locations,

why "qmail?  "qmail" does not meet 1, 2, and 5.

Other than that, sounds good.

> the idea is to do a big compilation of how-to's, cutting the old ways of 
> work, adding graphics and the information specific to do an information 
> migration, and explaining the differences between i386 and sparc

If you want this to be a part of DDP, please use debiandoc-sgml and 
put graphics as a link:
  <url id="img/name.png" name="image name">

> i think that a chapter with network designing and the use of configmaker 
> could be a good appendix

Start with good general idea, but write a few key chapters by yourself
first.  Leave graphics work later.  If you write a good document, it
will grow itself.

By the way, your document sounds too general in some ways.  Just do not
reinvent wheels.  There are many HOWTOs in LDP.  Differentiate your
document from previous works and focus on a imaginary target audience
you choose.

> is so much?, is a good idea?, how could i involucrate more people with 
> it? i think that the first release will be in Spanish, is that good or 
> better if i work in both at the same time, or just English?

For my DDP document I started with English.  Japanese, which is my
language, has not started but 3 translation exists already.

Cheers :)
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