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Seeking Your Partnership

Dear Partner to be,

Hope this mail will not constitute an embarrassment to
you.  I came across your name while searching for a
good company.
My Name is Mr. Kenneth Usman personal assistant(P.A)to
Mr.Kayode J. Naiyeju, the Accountant General of the
Federal (AGF), Federal Republic of Nigeria. Recently,
a large sum of money was recovered by the present
democratic government from the estate of the 
former military dictator, General Sanni Abacha who
died in 1998.This money was stashed in various
abroad,especially in Luxemburg,Switzerland.
After recovering this money, it was discovered that 
the money had already accrued interest payments to the
tune of over  US$49.5 Million. Now, this
money is not part of the money recovered.And no one
knows about it, but me and a few trusted aides. I
intend to transfer this money abroad, to be invested
or held by you on trust.
This transaction is risk free and can be completed
within five working days.
Reply this mail so that we can decide on how to
proceed from here.
 Note that you and me shall open verbal telephone
discussion before we can commence the process of the
transfer and so,in your response,please include all
 your available contact numbers.That is,home,office,
 cellular and fax numbers.


Kenneth Usman


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