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Re: Debian documentation

On Thu, Jun 20, 2002 at 09:52:28AM -0700, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> > Besides, it's no harder to find than "HOWTO" and "RFC" are. Nobody in their
> > sane mind does a 'ls' in the doc directory, on most of today's systems, it's
> > just too huge :)
> Actually, if you are dummy Linux user like me, I use "mc" to browse
> /usr/share/doc/ and capitalized subdirectories come as the first listings if 
> under default sorting order. :)
> I think many newbie will learn system by reading these directory like me :)

You may have a point there... I can make "Debian" a symlink to "debian" or
vice versa in the next release.

> dpkg -L only list obvious files created by the package.  Some postinst
> scripts create/move files in the system.  If these effects are
> documented outside of postinst script, it will be nice.

Ah, yes, true. You can file a minor or a wishlist bug against the packages
that don't do this... README.Debian is quite a suitable place for this

> I would do something like:
> /usr/share/doc-debian/Debian -> ../Debian
> /usr/share/debian-reference/Debian -> ../Debian/debian-reference

If you install the Reference into /usr/doc/Debian, you can skip the
"debian-" prefix...

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