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Re: Debian quickreference in DDP?

On Mon, Jan 28, 2002 at 03:39:24PM -0800, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> Thank you for your invitation to DDP. I will be happy to accept it.
> Please commit it to DDP CVS and link its web page to the Debian web
> site.
> Few problems I see in operational ends.
> 1. I do not have Debian account.  So I can not update it.
> 2. All translators have no access to DDP CVS so how useful to be CVS?.
> 3. I have no idea how to export CVS tree from SF to DDP.
> 4. I can commit snapshot manually (Not very smart).
> 5. Proof read is 90% finished.
> ...  Your suggestion are most welcome.

This gives me an idea; let's see what you (jfs + debian-doc) think about it:

Some people writing documentation for Debian are using SourceForge rather
than the DDP CVS because it gives them more flexibility:
 - the project administrator doesn't have to be a Debian developer.
 - the administrator(s) can easily give CVS access to whoever they want.
 - they can create mailing lists easily.
 - they have an easy-to-use web interface.

I see two solutions: either Debian starts to give services similar to those of
SourceForge, which I see very difficult at this point, or we integrate the DDP
with an already existing project hosting platform: Savannah

Savannah has most features of SourceForge, but it runs on Debian GNU/Linux,
without any dependence on proprietary software. Unlike SourceForge, we only
host projects that do not depend on any proprietary software. We are currently
hosting 543 projects; several of them have migrated from SourceForge.

The 3 main administrators of Savannah are Debian developers (Loic Dachary,
Guillaume Morim and myself). I could easily set up a script in Savannah that
regularly uploads  the content of a given project repository to the DDP
CVS. That way authors of Debian manuals could use Savannah for development
and translation and the result would go to debian.org

Is there any interest in doing this?


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