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Re: Debian quickreference in DDP?

On Mon, Jan 28, 2002 at 03:39:24PM -0800, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> Please commit it to DDP CVS and link its web page to the Debian web
> site.

	Will do. Dont' worry about updates, you can send me the translated
sgml files and the original so I update the CVS server.

> Few problems I see in operational ends.
> If you need full CVS access to qref.sf.net, please send me your sf.net
> account name so I can provide CVS access at SF.

	Write access is not needed so I will stick with anonymous access.

> The source has debian/rules file.  It can create "qref-1.20...deb"
> package but it may not up to Debian official release because I am not
> experienced one yet.  Audit by an experienced packager is welcome.
	I will check the rules file. I tend to like, however,
documentation packages that update automatically from the CVS server. If I
have some spare time (not in the near future) I will make a documentation
package for the quick-reference too.


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