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Re: Opening a new CVS section in the DDP


I think more documentation is almost always a good idea.  In the
center where I work, we have a section for 'Technical Reports' on the
web.  I think this is pretty standard.  It is a repository for
documents that may or may not be published and it is organized by
date.  The only issue is that sometimes a publisher will not accept an
article if it has been available on the web, but that is something
that the individual authors need to be aware of.  On the other hand,
other publishers are fine with the document remaining on the web
once it has been published, so long as the published citation is

Another issue is quantity.  I don't know how many documents are
expected to end up here (only Debian specific, Linux specific, or any
computer oriented articles), but if there are many, an organizational
tree and/or search would be quite useful.  Our center doesn't have
that many and the tech. reports are simply organized by date.  A site
like the MCMC preprint service (http://www.statslab.cam.ac.uk/~mcmc/)
might be a good ultimate goal for this repository, if there are a lot
of documents.  It seems they have automated (to some degree) both
document retrieval and submission.


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