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Opening a new CVS section in the DDP

¿Could I open a new section in the DDP CVS area for articles?
The main idea behind this section is that, unlike the manuals, 
articles are bound to get obsolete but are quite useful 
for both users and developers:

a) when they are published since they give an overview of
information maybe less in depth than our manuals

b) they can be useful in the future since they can be updated
or used as basis for other articles.

Currently quite a number of developers write articles for 
online publishing or for ol' fashioned paper magazines. 
I, for one, do so often.

Thinking were to publish this info comes afterwards (I'm
not sure we want to place it in the DDP, but maybe in another
section including date of publishing and other stuff).

Ideas? Any cons? If there are none I will go ahead and
make it (and add some content to it too)


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