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Re: Release notes

Could you please add the following ? (I sent you this comments on your first post)

"Debian 3.0 is much more secure that previous releases. The base installation provides
less unnecessary services that might be the target of attack, likewise Debian 3.0
includes many more security applications, tasks like firewall administration, server
hardening and intrusion detection. The packaging system has also been improved sot it can
be configured to automaticly check of digital signatures, thus, it will refuse to install
packages downloaded from Debian that do not verify correctly, limiting the possibility of
troyan installation and making it easie for systems to automatically upgrade over the
Internet. Lastly, Debian now provides also intensive documentation for the security-aware
administrator including the 'Securing Debian Manual' from the Debian Documentation
Project (available in the 'harden-doc' package or online at

Finally, I would also say that Debian is now "much more international", however
I'm not sure if some of the information below is ready for Debian 3.0 so we
should need to check:

"Debian 3.0 is much more internationalized that previous releases thanks to the ongoing
work of free software translation teams. Debian includes default settings for more
languages than previouss releases, and more of its programs are international-ready. 
This includes the boot-floppies installation which is translated to a number of
languages. There is extensive support for, at least, french, german, italian, japanese
and spanish, and there are more than fifteen active translation teams. See

- Ask Adam Di Carlo how many translated boot-floppies are available. 
- get the number of packages with po files translated (international/l10n only has
the number of po files).
- get the number of packages with debconf files translated (idem)

	It might be a little bit too "market-hype" but these are surely worthwile items


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