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Re: Stale Documentation: ethernet cards

On Sun, Nov 04, 2001 at 08:40:30PM -0800, lloyder@canada.com wrote:

> It is absolutely amazing how well so many resources
> can dance around a detailed, relevant explaination.
> I am particularly disappointed in the Debian Install
> Manual -- as this is by the team that I want to 
> play for!

> "What exactly is your problem?"  You likely ask, I am 
> very close to semi-enlightenment now.  I will try my 
> own hand before I bring it completely to you all.
> I feel the information presented above is a far more
> important issue.

We'd like to know not only what problems you ran into with the procedure,
but also exactly what problems you ran into with the documentation.

We did a major overhaul on the install manuals for woody, if you have a
chance it would be great if you could also try a woody install using that,
and give feedback. Of course specific feedback on the potato manual is also

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