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Stale Documentation: ethernet cards

* getting Debian setup is very likely to be very 
dependent on "manually" getting the ethernet card(s) 
* Linux Ethernet-Howto is very stale!
** many other Howto's are also very stale!

I am trying to shed the shackles of M$, but documentation
has weighed upon me like a mountain.  What has lead 
to the staleness?  Is Bill's minions at work...
I think not.

This weekend I have spent much energy trying to 
get Debian Potato installed and that computer 
back on the internet.  Long before I get to the very
challenging part of getting it securely
on the internet, I have been slowed to a crawl.

PROBLEM: getting ethernet working on Debian Potato

I have been RTFMing to exhaustion.

My references include:
* http://www.debian.org
* http://www.linuxdoc.org
* Cable Modem Providers HOWTO
* Linux Ethernet-Howto
* Learning Debian GNU/Linux
* Running Linux 3rd Ed.
* Debian Tutorial
* http://sourceforge.net/projects/newbiedoc/
+ a pile of debian-user posts, including a few very similar threads over the last few days.
+ a slew of other installation accounts from websites 

It is absolutely amazing how well so many resources
can dance around a detailed, relevant explaination.
I am particularly disappointed in the Debian Install
Manual -- as this is by the team that I want to 
play for!

It is mindblowing that the most recent version of the 
Linux Ethernet - Howto is dated Oct 29, 2000 , and 
does not identify a huge array of ethernet cards
(and possibly chipsets).  I am not suggesting that 
this is Paul's fault.  Have people been submitting updates?

Over a year later this almost exactly describes my experience:

Only I did not have a kewl weblog (very cool indeed),
and I tend to RTFM... so my ending was not so (rapidly)
happy :-(

At debian-user, over this first weekend that I have subscribed, 
this issue has come up in various forms at least a dozen.  Everytime, the community immediately 
identifies the exact issue for a particulary 
ethernet card.

"What exactly is your problem?"  You likely ask, I am 
very close to semi-enlightenment now.  I will try my 
own hand before I bring it completely to you all.
I feel the information presented above is a far more
important issue.

More emails to follow (not likely tonight),
your companion,

Debian, keeping the GNU in Linux.

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