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Re: contributing to Debian (woody?) documentation

On Wed, Oct 24, 2001 at 12:49:05AM +0200, Pim Bliek wrote:
> So. At this point I'm now fully ready to start helping newbies coming to 
> Debian. I understand Debian is maybe not the easiest to learn, but it's 
> sure worth it. If one is an absolute newbie to Linux, Debian is not the 
> easiest way for sure. But it's worth it!
> If anyone can tell me how I can contribute?
> What can I do?
> - I can write manuals. Doesn't matter what, as long as I find the topic at 
> least a little bit interesting. I have some (6 yrs actually, but not a real 
> die-hard :-) experience configuring linux as a home-router/firewall f.i.

go to debian-boot and checkout the install manual. Fix Errors, improve
the english text and translated it to dutch.

see last DWN.

> - Translating manuals to Dutch. (if needed).

see the DDP maybe you can help with in this Project. 

and for some spare time: translate the package descriptions. send only
			 a mail to grisu-td@auric.debian.org with the
			 subject line 'GET 1 nl'

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