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Re: On DDP sub-projects

At 11:50 19/10/01 +0200, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:

        It seems to me that, even though the DDP project has its
own work, there is increasing work in other localized documentation that
might get translated (or not) into English.
- the DDP-BR pointed out from w.d.o/doc/ddp
- the Spanish contributed section documentation under
- the Spanish "La Espiral" project which is also building simple
documentation for spanish speaking users in the form of recipes (recetas)
at www.laespiral.org

- (others I might not be aware of, please fill me in)

[..much deleted..]

I'm not sure I grasp all of what you describe, but I think what you're saying is:

- DDP writes documents in English that get translated after the fact.
- Others are writing documents in other languages.
- You are asking about how to synchronize the effort.

It appears as if a similar problem has been solved already, that of the format to use for publication. Pick the base format and translate to HTML, PDF, whatever.

I would have thought that picking a base language - the obvious one being English, and translating that.

Thus receiving, or becoming aware of a foreign (ie. other than the base language) document would require the document to be translated, then distributed.

Please, correct me if I'm wrong here.
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