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On DDP sub-projects

	It seems to me that, even though the DDP project has its
own work, there is increasing work in other localized documentation that
might get translated (or not) into English.
- the DDP-BR pointed out from w.d.o/doc/ddp
- the Spanish contributed section documentation under
- the Spanish "La Espiral" project which is also building simple
documentation for spanish speaking users in the form of recipes (recetas)
at www.laespiral.org

- (others I might not be aware of, please fill me in)

	It seems we might get to a point where we need different sub-areas
in w.d.o/doc like we currently do for internazionalitaion (sp?) in
general at w.d.o/international/

	My question is, should the DDP be divided into diferent sub-areas
for the different languages with the main area being the English
documentation area. Thus, if some team from a foreing country gets
documentation done for a specific area, it can be inmediately published.
However, we should still focus on providing documents in English, so we
would have two translation streams:
	from English (main documentation project) -> other languages
	from other languages (good projects that can be included in main)
-> English

	Does this seem reasonable?
	We would need to split a little bit both the CVS and the Web area
so that international teams can be a bit more independent on accesing both
of them and changing it to suit their needes (while still following
stablished guidelines).

	Ideas? I'm just sending this away so we can discuss it further
before it becomes a reality (I do not think we need to do this right away
but we should be prepared to do it in a near future)



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