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can you give me some support?

Hi, I'm new with Linux so I have some questions will you help me?
Iv got a IBM Risc 6000 power PC. They told me I could install Debian PowerPC version on it.
Now I downloaded with "The pseudo-image kit version 2.0" the power pc distribution version 2.3, It went well until the rsync option came ' have to change the version I have downloaded into an Iso file to the latest version by give in the next line out of the readme.txt "rsync --verbose --progress --stats --block-size=8192 server.somewhere.org::debian-cd/2.1/i386/binary-i386-1.iso ." my server.somewhere.org was ftp://ftp.nl.debian.org what will be the line I have to give in I thought "rsync --verbose --progress --stats --block-size=8192 ftp://ftp.nl.debian.org::debian-cd/2.2/PowerPC/binary-PowerPC-1.iso ." is that so?

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